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Candace Hartzler, MA/LICDC, author, counselor

27 plus years
of experience
in the addiction
and recovery field


Candace Hartzler,MA/LICDC 


   Candace Hartzler holds an undergraduate degree from Otterbein University and a Master’s degree in Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Ministry from The Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio. She has completed 400 hours of training in Expressive Arts Therapy from The Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Program in Santa Rosa, California.


   Her early years were shaped by familial alcoholism, and she continued to create emotional connections with others who were addicted to alcohol or other drugs.  She has worked a personal recovery program for 35-plus years. She has been a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor since 1991 and recently retired from the Family Advocacy counseling position at The Ohio State University, Talbot Hall, Wexner Medical Center Addictions Treatment Unit in Columbus, Ohio. She currently maintains a private practice in Clintonville, Ohio.


   She has worked with all populations in her counseling career, including teens, women’s gender-specific treatment groups, aftercare for families, family education, intensive outpatient treatment groups for both women and men, and mixed gender inpatient treatment groups.


   Candace was a chosen presenter in 2012 at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders held in Washington, D.C.; the focus for her workshop was Family Addiction. She has written numerous articles for Ohio Bar Lawyer’s Quarterly magazine and published in Online Channels including "Let's Not Forget the Kids," at PsychCentral in August 2017.


   She has served as faculty member at the Addictions Studies Institute, The Ohio State University, and her essay “Creativity and Healing,” was selected from a compilation of articles from Personal Transformation Magazine for publication in Soulful Living: The Process of Personal Transformation, published by Health Communications, Inc., (1999). Others included in the book are Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, M.D., Jean Huston, Ph.D. and John O’Donohue.

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