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Our Call for Change

Have you ever felt like your life path was too full of the unknown? Too winding? Some days or weeks feeling clear and open until another unexpected twist, another broken promise, another lie is uncovered?

The path for relationships with addicted loved ones is strewn with difficult lessons. Healthy love is built on principles of trust and friendship, on walking through life's lessons together, while addiction tunnels through and violates those principles. You will need to change the way you live in that relationship.

If it is your adult son or daughter addicted to substances, many of your parenting skills will come into question. You will need to change the way you parent. If you are the child of an alcoholic or addict, you will need to find safe places and safe people.

Change is a process, a pathway of learning, an accumulation of experiences you come to trust in and depend on. You begin forming roots for new growth when you begin telling your story. Through all the confusion, anger and fear, you start sharing with others who can hold your emotional space. Find those who will listen without judging you, or the one addicted. Blame helps no one, particularly the one holding tight to his/her drug of choice.

You develop a way of praying, of asking from your deepest self for H.E.L.P., calling on your faith in a Divine Source. You forge new ways of relating to your loved one and most of all, you come to value pain as your greatest teacher while slowly forming your new way of loving self and others.

Yes. All that can happen even if your loved one does not create a sober path; you can create your own.


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